E and W Plumbing and Heating LTD regularly donates to local charities and supports local businesses. The main charity we will be donating to this year will be Cancer Research UK. Cancer is a disease that affects a great many of us and one that has had a direct impact on E and W Plumbing and Heating LTD.

In July 2022 we lost our company Secretary (and Richard and Lottie’s mother) Helen Sewell to oesophageal cancer. This was not the first time Helen had been diagnosed with the disease as she had won a battle a few years before with the help of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Throughout both struggles with the disease Helen continued to contribute to the family business, even to the point that she told the team she would be booking vans in for MOT’s and booking gas safety inspections on the Monday after she passed away.

Sadly that Monday never came for Helen but the exceptional standard of work she contributed to the business allows it to run as smoothly as it does today and means that her legacy lives on within the business and with all of our happy customers.

Helen loved the business and greatly enjoyed dealing with all of our clients. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our long standing clients who asked after Helen and offered words of support.

As a mark of respect we will be making annual donations to cancer research UK in Helen’s memory. If you happen to be feeling charitable, please feel free to do the same by following this link.

We believe that charity is important and are always willing to help out in the local community or with worthy causes. If you are running a fundraising event that you would like us to be involved with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

Thank you all for reading 🙂

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